Knitted bunting

I’ve been knitting bunting, as you do.. It’s the third type of bunting I’ve made, none of which started with the traditional.. buy your choice of material.. but then, although I am very traditional in many ways, I do like to put my own spin on things and ensure anything I do for the home or friends has a creative touch.

Knitting bunting is not new, I just hadn’t done it before.  Nothing was needed to be bought in my case thankfully.  Those cheap packets of craft yarn, I’d collected over the years, came in handy as did the large needles I’d used for chunky scarves.

It took 3 attempts to decide on my preferred pattern and remind myself how to cast off.  I’m not sure I’ve got that right, but if it’s good enough for bunting it’s good enough for me…

In case you too, have large knitting needles and spare fancy yarn, or any yarn or wool and want some knitted bunting, here’s the simple pattern I’ve settled with. Cast on one stitch, then increase at beginning of every other row till you’ve got 20 stitches ish.. cast off, leaving a line of wool to attach to the next triangle when you’re ready to hang it up.

Each year I like to add one thing to my stash of home made and family traditional Christmas decorations.  This year it might be hand knitted woolly bunting, until I see something wonderful in the shops and decide I can treat the house to two new things for decorating Christmas (can I say that word since it’s not even November yet.. oops.. sorry..).  

knitted bunting

What were the other two types of bunting I made?  One had hand painted flowers on a dyed sheet and the other was when I designed my own fabric because I couldn’t find anything suitable.  I hand painted animal prints on cotton before turning it into bunting, there’s a post here somewhere on that creative event.

Creating bunting’s reminded me there’s something I’d forgotten.  Knitting’s very relaxing and a wonderful thing to do.  Just sayin’.


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