An offering for Advent

I can’t remember the exact request, it was a message on social media, sent within a collection of artists, asking for help with an arty advent project in the middle of Peterborough.

Always wanting to be involved in art projects, I didn’t hesitate and was a bit shocked when my offer was accepted so readily.  The artist in residence for St John the Baptist Church, in the middle of Peterborough, thanked me saying ‘looking forward to seeing what you produce’ my immediate response was ‘me too.’

It’s got me thinking.  How much thought do things need before they come to fruition?  What’s the difference between jumping in and letting things mulch or ferment a little?  How often do we say yes to something, only to then have a moment when we doubt ourselves that we can deliver our promise?



For the past four years November has been when I write, write like the wind.. this year was no different.  To have a deadline of another creative venture on top of writing 50,000+ words of my latest draft novel put the pressure on my personal life a little.  Add in lots of invites and friends dropping by and before you know it you’ve got a deadline looming.

What?  I’ve not told you about the project? Give me a chance.. I’m still fermenting.. tee hee.. 25 days 25 artistic creations covering 4 themes of advent as provided by the Canon.  I chose commercialisation, was given the 17 December then I thought about it a lot, looked at the shops and people as they went about researching the best gift for those they love.  I’ve not always been good at sticking to my budget at this time of year.  The piece, which gets shown on day 17, has emerged from many thoughts of love and debt, of material goods, parties and more debt, of expectations and unloved presents all underlined with more love.  By the time I stopped long enough to paint it I’d been mulching and fermenting for what seemed like forever.

Using an old canvas that looked unloved and unused paints bought for another project I enjoyed making this.  What I’ve produced may not look like it needed much thought, and maybe it didn’t, but every brush stroke and shape came with a lot of emotion formed from ideas bouncing around my brain over previous weeks.

day17 of advent

Here’s my offering as it looks today before it get’s wrapped.. literally.. My current thought to finish it off is to wrap it.. I have some ideas for the wrapping paper which may take a while to produce.. when was the deadline again.. we’ll see.. I don’t like to finish things too much.  I prefer the rough and hand made look.  Even when it’s ‘finished’ it may not be finished or perfect in many peoples eyes..  It will be ‘finished’ to me.

Ps..Why is it that acrylic doesn’t dry quickly when you want to use your table for guests..