ease into winter

We’re here again, not the same place exactly, but the same time of year. Each year it seems different, another year gone and we’re counting the days to Christmas day and New Years Eve.

Please take extra care travelling, shopping and cooking, as we all seem a bit distracted.  Why not take 15, 30, 45 or even 60 minutes to stop.  Enjoy that cup of tea, or glass of mulled wine and listen to the words on the Christmas music that’s going on in the background.  What?  There isn’t any?  Well what are you waiting for, go find some and then take your break.

At least three times last week I found myself stressing or getting angry (an emotion I don’t feel as much these days) and I listened for the music, found the twinkling of lights and felt my body ease into winter a little bit lighter and happier.

London lights

Back to today, we’re here again, it was a bit cloudy as the sun rose on our shortest day, the Winter solstice when many are celebrating Yule.  Wishing you a festive holiday whichever festival you’re celebrating, personally I try to enjoy as many of them as I can but will also find time to do a little reflection and forward wishing to help me ease into another year.


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