This blog is two years old

I’ve been blogging for two years.  Two years and two days.

Huge thanks to everyone reading this.  I seem to be a bit random in my post topics and regularity.  We’re getting towards April, brace yourself for daily posts from me again as I head into my third year of the A-Z blogging challenge.  The plan this year (as it was last year and I failed miserably) is to pre-write, sketch and schedule so I can enjoy reading more of others offerings than I usually manage.

For many years I wanted to blog but didn’t know how and didn’t have the confidence.  Most things I’ve done in life have started out like that.  Something I’ve wanted to do but didn’t know how and didn’t have the confidence to complete it till I did, then wondered what all the fuss that I’d given myself was about.  That’s not changed.  As I write this blogiversary post, I’m in the thick of editing my first novel, three years after drafting it.

It’s taken me three years to work out how I write, edit and to get the confidence to realise I can complete it.  How I’m longing for the day when I wonder what all the fuss I’m giving myself about editing and writing novels is all about.  Then for the day when I forget what it was like when I didn’t know all the nuances of novel writing and start forging into the nuances of film because that was the dream which started the novel writing.  The dream that got me novelling was of watching a chick flick of a story I’d written.  I have that image etched in my mind, well, I did, the more I realise what’s involved in writing and how unlikely it is that anyone will read anything I’ve completed the more the etching is fading.  It doesn’t matter because I love the process and love meeting others who want to write and many who are published as I will be one day.


How would I celebrate two years of blogging? How I’d like to celebrate everything if I could.. With a fly past..

Decided not to take a new pic for this post but found this one that I took in 2011 at Waddington Airshow – can’t help it, I love airshows.  I’ll be going again this year and who knows, I might write a post about it.