That odd item that reminds us of each other

We give gifts.  In our family lots of them. And we keep them.  Over the years I’ve got better at clutter clearing and have got rid of many little items, that if I had a larger house I might still have.  Today I’m paying tribute to any and all little items you’ve given or received, that remind you of friends and family in your life.

The time you went shopping and loved something, for it to be in your hand later that day or at your next birthday.  The smallest or cheapest of items that comes in handy often when you thought never would, each time you use it you are reminded of the person it’s linked to, even though they may have completely forgotten it.  That hand made item from your more creative or less creative of friends and family.  Items for your hobby that might not be quite what you needed but take your work to a different place while reminding you how much you’re loved.

Here’s a few I see as I look around my kitchen diner, ceramic toast rack, hanging tea light holder, hand knitted dish cloth, petite ceramic milk jug, canvasses for my artwork, paints for my artwork, small wooden sign with bunting and hearts on, wooden toast grabber.

toast grabber

There’s a reason for this post.  I’m reflecting, on my life and those in it.  I have a hospital appointment later today and at this moment I have no idea what I’m going to hear and if I’ll like it or not.  For this one moment in my day I’m thinking of all the good and wonderful people in my life and the little things I keep around me that help me remember them and the fun times we’ve had together.

Where would I be without the little wooden toast grabber my sister gave me when I’m having a toasted hot cross bun for breakfast on the one day I have a hospital appointment I could do without?