Oops. Might have underestimated my #atozchallenge

While others are saying they’re not doing the Blogging from A to Z challenge this year, so they can focus on their Work In Progress (WIP), I like hundreds of others, have already signed up.

This will be my third year and I’m already looking forward to meeting new bloggers, having my own blog invigorated and reading and learning some amazing things during April. One month when, I now know, I have guests. That’s doable, right?  It’s not like I have any other things I’ve committed my time to.

2014 is my year to finish a novel. That means editing every day, including every day in April.. hmm..

Yes, of course I want to do open art studios this year. With new work? Of course..

*light bulb moment*

light bulb

I have a week off work to catch up with life and can use that to write all my AtoZ, edit as much as possible and paint a picture or two ready for open studios in June. And.. as the light bulb glows brighter, each A-Z post can include a watercolour sketch that will be a new painting for the open studios exhibition.  Noticed anything yet?

Day one of my hols. This morning.

I did a simple sum:

A-Z = 26/7days left of my hols = 3.714285714285714 (compliments of my computer calculator..)

That’s four posts per day, every day, till I go back to work.  Excluding this one or any others I might want to post this week.

I may have to rethink my challenge, but those of you who know me at all will know that once I give myself a challenge I rarely shy of it, so here goes day one of my personal holiday A-Zchallenge. Better work out my theme and find my watercolours. I’ve got a few blog posts to write, paint and schedule, A-Zchallenge here I come.