Early theme reveal for #atozchallenge

It’s early in the morning on February 5 2014. I started my April AtoZ blogging challenge preparation on February 3 2014. All atoz blogging challenge posts have titles, nine need words, eight need more words and they’ll all need a final edit and proof-reading. One needs the sketch finishing and twenty-three need sketches. Not bad for 7am on day three of preparing them.

It’s february, getting close to valentines day and I’m hoping I’m not drawn to posting on that day again this year.  Instead I thought I’d reveal my April AtoZ blogging challenge theme.. I know it’s two months away but I don’t like surprises much and prefer to get it out there.. Besides it helps me to check where I am as this year I’ve got lots on in April and don’t want to fail on posting or checking out others posts and commenting.


If you’re a blogger and haven’t done the AtoZchallenge before, check it out. You’ll meet lots of fabulous people and learn loads too. There will be things you learn about yourself and your writing as well as enough trivia to fill numerous pub quizzes. I’m always amazed at what interests me when the author is full of enthusiasm for their topic.

My theme this year is ‘I feel….’ Linked to thoughts of characters emotions and behaviours, I want to be better at showing not telling and to do that I need to explore stuff. What I don’t want to do is depress myself while writing these posts so I’ve tried, where possible, to pick positive forceful words.. ooh forceful.. that’s a good one for f,  positive’s a good one for p. I was going for perseverance but might change that to positively persevering or positively persistent.  Undecided and constantly changing come to mind too.

Don’t think you have to plan and prepare this early if you’ve not yet signed up.  I’m usually writing my posts and sketching to the wire and this is the first time I’ve been under 200 in the linky list.  I’m very excited that I’m 18 in the linky list but expect that means I need to be more professional in my approach since I’m brushing blog lines with the grownups that are the co-hosts.. Like that’s going to happen. There’s less than 550 signed up as I type so take a look, jump into the challenge (in case you missed any of the earlier links to the pages) and I’ll see you, having fun, in April.

ps I’ve tried to add a badge to the header but struggled so you’ve got the standard images as heading here.  Sorry I think I’m a bit challenged on the images with this challenge.. 😉


20 thoughts on “Early theme reveal for #atozchallenge

    • I do don’t I. Don’t let that fool you!
      Last year I only managed one post a month after April and I struggled to get round many others during the AtoZchallenge. I’m determined to visit more this year.. might change my D.. and know my own posts will evolve. My sketches take time and I’ve only got two completed as the topics are hard to come up with an image for. That’s why I chose to prepare this year. It’ll be great, theme or not. See you in April!

  1. I pick a different theme every day because the one from the day before seems too daunting!! Perhaps I just need to post my theme like you did; then there’s no turning back!!! I finally figured out how to get the A to Z link to work when someone clicks the badge on my blog, but don’t ask me how, because I couldn’t replicate it if my life depended on it!! Looking forward to exploring your posts – especially during the Challenge.

    • That happened to me and I have a heap of theme ideas for future years. I go to the list and start developing a few each year. Usually something jumps out with one of them and I decide to go with it. Once I’ve drafted a few posts and drawn some sketches I’m unlikely to change, that’s when I announce it to help me focus. This year it was earlier than each of the other two years I’ve done AtoZ. Good luck choosing your theme.

      • Hi Lynne – i finally settled on a theme, then promptly wrote my “A” post, which is mostly off-topic!! I can’t even follow my own rules. At least I’ve now got a plan for each of the 26 days and written a rough, partial draft for about 5 of them. Progress but stress (self-induced as usual). Now I’ve got to figure out some posts for this week!

        I took time this morning to read a few month’s of your recent posts, and have enjoyed spending the time on your site. The snowdrops you sketched are lovely – simple, delicate and droopy – just lovely.

  2. Ack! I’m so far behind – I’ve picked my theme and mapped out my topics for each date, but I only have a handful of posts pre-written. I need to get on that, right??? 😉

    • Hi Marci
      Thanks for popping by before April when you have so much work to do on your own posts 😉 the answer to your Question is YES but don’t worry over it, you’ve got some pre-written which will be more than many and you can always adapt to make sure you get something posted on the day.
      Sounds like you have all 26 mapped out which is a huge achievement at this point, so you may feel behind but you’re actually much further ahead of where I usually am at this point.
      Well done, you’ve committed to doing it and that’s the main thing two weeks before April 1. Wait.. the challenge starts in 18 days, that’s less than a day a post in planning terms.. I’m off to sketch.. see you again in a couple of weeks..

      • Thanks so much, Lynne! I’m super excited about the challenge, regardless of how much I currently have done right now. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts come April – thanks for the advice! Cheers, marci 😀

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