snowdrops = spring?

If recent years are anything to judge by I now expect a good dash of snow when my snowdrops arrive. They’ve been out for about a week now and managed to peek through the ice. The snow’s not here yet but I’ve got my boots ready and am looking forward to doing some snow sculptures.

snowdrop watercolour by Lynne

Although it’s a bit chilly, I have the backdoor open for the first time this year and am watching the robin feeding on my patio amongst the starlings, blackbirds, finches and sparrows. 

Is spring here or are we about to fall into a harsh winter mid February.  I’ve no idea but, for now, I’ll enjoy my garden with the snowdrops being the first flowers to show off so far this year.

ps I’m practicing my sketches as I’m in the middle of doing twenty-six for April.. Be patient and I hope I get better..


9 thoughts on “snowdrops = spring?

  1. Those snowdrops are really cool 🙂 We’ve now got daffodils coming out but snowdrops seem to be quite rare round here unless you know exactly where to look for them. I’m hoping I can plant some more bulbs this autumn ready for next spring. I never seem to have time when I’m working but I’m on maternity leave from the beginning of May hopefully so have a list of bits to try and do once baby is here and it’s warm enough but not too hot to spend time in the garden.

    Found you via the #atozchallenge.

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