Bold #atozchallenge

Being bold can be stepping up or it could be being a bit in your face.

I’m a big star trek fan so boldly going is important..

Bold. How can you show not tell it in your characterisations. Stepping forward, taking the challenge, confident. If you’ve not blogged before and are doing this you’re bold if you ask me. Maybe bold is in the eye of the beholder? I rarely feel bold but others might see me as such.


Show don’t tell.

He was bold.


Driving up to her house she recognised his car in her drive, the boxes on the front porch looked like he was moving in which was a surprise since they’d only just met. (oops.. the sketch doesn’t include his car..)

ps decided to keep this post short.. needed words for c.. so happy to keep the post short. What’s with my obsession for word count? I like my posts to be around 250 words as I think that’s as much as most people want to read of my ramblings..

Lynne’s AtoZ blogging challenge theme in case you couldn’t tell:

Linked to thoughts of emotions and behaviours, my theme is ‘I feel….’.  Writers among you will be familiar with the phrase show don’t tell, for others it’s what every novelist tries to do. Authors want to show you the emotion and behaviour without telling you it. Trying to practice showing not telling, I have included an example in each post. I may have got it right, I may not have. Please let me know.

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