Creatively crazy #atozchallenge

I always feel creative these days.

Challenged might have been more obvious but doing this AtoZ with images has reminded me how crazily creative I feel.

I love how I feel when I let myself create without any fear or holding back. When I know I have the skills I need to chose to use them or not it gives the freedom to learn and stretch.

I’m not sure why I feel a little ashamed to say I’m competitive. Competitiveness works for me. Particularly if I’m able to support others while we compete to finish something. Like this challenge. I need others to do it so I can compete with them. I don’t mind if they finish first but I need that competitiveness to keep me enthused and engaged in doing something. Why bother if I’m doing it alone?

Mum said ‘there’s no such word as can’t’. I’ve no idea how often she said that and it was probably in response to me saying I can’t do the washing up or something, but it’s stuck. There in my consciousness, ready to jump out with her standing there saying it to me.

This is my third year of doing AtoZchallenge. The first year I used the family dictionary and because I couldn’t find twenty-six words of thirteen letters or more I used ten letters or more in memory of my mum as she used to love long words. She taught herself. Where am I going with this? Lots of the things I do now I’m self taught. Usually by doing and practicing and making mistakes then having another go and learning from them. If I’m not challenged and testing myself I’m not happy. What I mean by being challenged is having something I want to do that I haven’t done before and I need to learn and push myself in order to complete it.

Many people see some of my sketches and say ‘I wish I could draw like that’. When I say they can but they need to put in the time to learn the techniques they don’t believe me and don’t even seem interested in having a go. I’m telling you now. If there’s something you’d like to be able to do give it a go. Work out who can help or put yourself on a course or find the book or just get whatever you need and have a go. Creativity comes from challenging yourself and jumping in. Come on in the water’s warm. I might challenge you to get to the other side of the pool but we’ll both make it while we’re creatively crazy together.

creatively crazy

Show don’t tell.

She was creatively crazy.


The walls were full of half finished paintings. Paint splatter covered the floor and canvasses were piled high on the dining room table with nowhere to eat.

Or.. sat at her computer in February she wrote and rewrote her blog posts for April without worrying about the state of the house around her, then had to rewrite them again in April, oops..

Lynne’s AtoZ blogging challenge theme in case you couldn’t tell:

Linked to thoughts of emotions and behaviours, my theme is ‘I feel….’.  Writers among you will be familiar with the phrase show don’t tell, for others it’s what every novelist tries to do. Authors want to show you the emotion and behaviour without telling you it. Trying to practice showing not telling, I have included an example in each post. I may have got it right, I may not have. Please let me know.

Here’s who else is doing the AtoZblogging challenge.


22 thoughts on “Creatively crazy #atozchallenge

    • This post definitely could have done with an extra edit! Well done to anyone who managed to read it! I meant the heading to be crazily creative too.. I love it when ideas come out of having fun and letting anything happen.

  1. Absolutely or should I say Concretely for “C”. I feel that, too – the creative craziness as I travel across the world among the many talented bloggers. You are so right; we are our only stumbling blocks. We can learn anything if we put in the effort. We might not be the best, and we might not master everything, but art is not just a talent; it is a learned process. If I can start learning to draw and paint at age 63 (along with teaching myself Chess – my “C”), then anyone should be brave enough to try. You are an inspiration with your words and illustrations.

    • Inspiration eh? Wow.
      Thanks Sammy.
      The words could have flowed a bit better and it looks like I covered competitive and can too! And the pic doesn’t really show the show, if you know what I mean.
      Good luck with your drawing. There’s a great book I’ve used over the years that I’d recommend by Betty Edwards ‘Drawing on the right side of the brain’.

      • Thank you for the recommendation! That is so helpful and I will put it on my Amazon wish list – I think that will get me to the $35 free shipping 🙂 I always tell Hub how much I saved on free shipping!

  2. Nice read. Definitely in line with that “C” I am trying to do the AtoZ challenge also. It’s not working out too well. I think I missed the sign up. But I’ll hang in there and visit anyway.

  3. Isn’t it great when you just let loose and don’t hold back? That part of your post really struck a chord with me. I feel like I write my best stories when I’m not worrying about what people will think or how it will be received. Just go creatively crazy because that’s when you’ll create something magical.

  4. I’m treading water, will I get across the pool? Ps this comment page asks for e-mail not blog address, others I have problems with ask for my blog address?

  5. My creativity waxes and wanes with the seasons. Winter is always a fallow time for me, but come spring I’m creating like crazy again! Need to work on letting loose though. Always too worries about what others will think. 🙂

    • I stopped worrying about what others will think when I realised some will like and others wont and all that matters is how I felt while doing it. I’m with you on the waxing and waning. Full of flow at the moment thankfully.

  6. Hi Lynne. I’m really enjoying your posts. This is my first year participating in the A to Z Challenge. After reading what you wrote about creativity coming from challenging yourself I have to agree with you. Although I can’t even draw a good stick figure after this challenge is over I may take a drawing class. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Cheryl. It’s a great challenge and you get out of it what you put in. thanks for commenting that’s the main thing to do when visiting others assuming the IT systems allow you to. Check out ‘Drawing with the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards. Follow her exercises and if you pack them all into a dedicated two days you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. You’ll have gone through a lot of angst at the same time but well worth it. I’d done those exercises with friends over two days and it’s stunning how the eye suddenly learns what to look for. Magical, I tell you!

  7. Another good post, and a demonstration that you’re not afraid to put yourself out there – whatever you might think. I like the second option.

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