Knitted out #atozchallenge

There’s been something on your mind. Something you wanted to do. Have been wanting to do for years since the last time you did it. It gave you such an amazing feeling but it was a challenge and a half. Then afterwards you have verified that you are still capable, can still complete it and you have fulfilled that need for a while. Do you know that feeling?

No, I don’t know what you are now thinking about, and probably don’t need to know, but I was thinking of knitting. Over Christmas I knitted a jumper. From scratch without a ‘proper’ pattern. I made a swatch up and worked out the pattern myself. I’ll have to find a picture of the finished article and will so a ‘sketch’ to go here too. The previous time I did that must have been over twenty years earlier. I knew I was capable of doing it but could I still? I didn’t really plan other than turning up with wool and needles and willing and time. Time was easy while chatting to family and watching films and grazing on chocolates and nuts. Four days later and I was knitted out, I’d fulfilled that niggle, that need to know if I could still do it.

knitted out

Show don’t tell.

He was knitted out.


He didn’t have the heart to tell his aunt that the jumper she’d knitted him for Christmas didn’t fit, or that his girlfriend used it when she woke in the mornings after she’d stayed at his.

Lynne’s AtoZ blogging challenge theme in case you couldn’t tell:

Linked to thoughts of emotions and behaviours, my theme is ‘I feel….’. Writers among you will be familiar with the phrase show don’t tell, for others it’s what every novelist tries to do. Authors want to show you the emotion and behaviour without telling you it. Trying to practice showing not telling, I have included an example in each post. I may have got it right, I may not have. Please let me know.

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