Zebra-like #atozchallenge

We’re here. All l could feel was celebrating. The sketch came first this time, now I have to write a post to fit it.

I don’t care what the show don’t tell is, I’ve sketched my Z and uploaded it so here’s to all of us who’ve completed this year’s AtoZ regardless of any challenges life threw at us along the way.. Mine included sickness and a job change. Let’s have a party!! I’ll provide the zebra-like patterned bunting..

What are zebra’s like? Powerful, chunky, black and white striped, beautiful, bizarrely well camouflaged until they aren’t. Many things one could link to the blogging from AtoZ challenge now I come to think of it.


Show don’t tell

He was zebra-like.


She made some zebra striped bunting and put it up for his party. One of her friends blurted out the likeness “Bold, black and white and chunky just like Geoff.” He hid his reaction but she never heard from him or saw him again, it was as if he’d disappeared into the patterns of everyday living.

Thanks to everyone who’s been here with me along the way and congrats to all who blogged their way through 2014’s AtoZ’s.  Now we party!!

Lynne’s AtoZ blogging challenge theme in case you couldn’t tell:

Linked to thoughts of emotions and behaviours, my theme is ‘I feel….’. Writers among you will be familiar with the phrase show don’t tell, for others it’s what every novelist tries to do. Authors want to show you the emotion and behaviour without telling you it. Trying to practice showing not telling, I have included an example in each post. I may have got it right, I may not have. Please let me know.

Here’s who else is doing the AtoZblogging challenge.