Reflections #atozchallenge

Adventurous, ambitious and alive started me off

the co-hosts and pals did an amazing job as always, many thanks

only participants know why we do this challenge

Zebra-like was my celebratory finish to my AtoZ


Ready as ever, I thought

Early sign up got me number 18

Fearlessly, I decided to pre-schedule all posts, yeah right!

Lethargy took over as sickness triumphed

Easy did it, with half drafted by April 1

Caricatures appeared from nowhere and became cartoons that were loved

Tried to visit 5+ others each day with some success

Incoming visits dipped, but they were quality visitors

Over now, missing you, hope to blog weekly or monthly at least

New blogger friendships forged as hoped

Sketches and ‘show don’t tell’ examples were my trademark and here’s todays


She told him she didn’t like her painting.


She said nothing, he explained ‘Think about it, when people look in the mirror they see a reversal, so when they look at a picture of themselves they don’t see the person they think they are, the one they see every day. The face we think we have, is reversed of our real face that others see daily.’

Looking again at the cartoon he’d drawn of her, she still screwed up her face.