Reflections #atozchallenge

Adventurous, ambitious and alive started me off

the co-hosts and pals did an amazing job as always, many thanks

only participants know why we do this challenge

Zebra-like was my celebratory finish to my AtoZ


Ready as ever, I thought

Early sign up got me number 18

Fearlessly, I decided to pre-schedule all posts, yeah right!

Lethargy took over as sickness triumphed

Easy did it, with half drafted by April 1

Caricatures appeared from nowhere and became cartoons that were loved

Tried to visit 5+ others each day with some success

Incoming visits dipped, but they were quality visitors

Over now, missing you, hope to blog weekly or monthly at least

New blogger friendships forged as hoped

Sketches and ‘show don’t tell’ examples were my trademark and here’s todays


She told him she didn’t like her painting.


She said nothing, he explained ‘Think about it, when people look in the mirror they see a reversal, so when they look at a picture of themselves they don’t see the person they think they are, the one they see every day. The face we think we have, is reversed of our real face that others see daily.’

Looking again at the cartoon he’d drawn of her, she still screwed up her face.


28 thoughts on “Reflections #atozchallenge

  1. What a unique idea for your Reflections post. Love it!

    And I like your Show Don’t Tell for the day. It’s something I quite often find myself pondering when I think I look strange in photos, or when you see a character looking in a mirror in a film or on TV and I think ‘that’s what they think they look like really’. 🙂

  2. I thought your posts were awesome, and your paintings terrific. I wasn’t sure of some of the ‘show don’t tell’ examples, but it was a wonderful and thoughtful way to proceed – and I bet it gave you lots of headaches! Well done, Lynne!

    • Thanks Jemima!
      If I’d had the energy I’d have edited each post more carefully and I’m sure the show don’t tell’s would have changed but I was practicing so you got the raw versions. It shows how much editing I’m having to do on my draft novels.

  3. I got confused with the date of scheduling.. and this post went up the day before I wanted it to which means it didn’t have the sketch when first posted. Sketch about to be added then I’ll link it to the reflections posts on the AtoZ blog.

  4. I think getting quality visitors is the key.
    I love the rawness of your paintings.
    Hoping you are inspired to blog at least once a week…

  5. Lynne – terrific caricature – you SO captured her chin, neck and expression. So glad you participated because I learned a lot from you, not the least is my new art book recommendation. I had not heard the “show; don’t tell”. I don’t write fiction and I think it will apply to my “essay” style writing. Look forward to future with you.

    • Thanks Silvia,
      Long reflections posts aren’t getting my full attention. Since the sketches take time the posts are kept short. There’s only so many hours in a day and I have a day job..

    • Thanks Michelle
      Glad you enjoyed reading it. I try to do something a bit creative for my reflections posts. I couldn’t stop myself from carrying on with my theme though..
      Show don’t tell might become a standard for this blog.. I’ve got so many examples in my novels where I’m telling I could bring them here to practice, change and sketch so I have some sketches for my novels… hmm.. might think about that..
      Tried to respond to yours but I’m not on google+ so couldn’t comment. I’ll look into putting google and fb on mine for more followers.

  6. Hello my dear, and well done yet again. I’ve now recuperated, re-energised and filtered my Blogroll. My followers rocketed up from mid-20’s to 70+, and in the last week have gone on to 85.
    I think you’re going to see a steady rise in visitors too. I’ve cut down to about 40 blogs to follow and you’re in there, so although it may take a few days at a time to check in, I will be.
    Keep up that mixed media work girl – I’ll be watching you.

    • Thanks Tom, glad you finally found your way to my reflections 🙂
      I’ve just realised I’ve not mentioned this was a self portrait!
      You get out of AtoZ what you put in and you did a fab job for your first year. Mine went from 70’s to 90 and one unfollowed this week.. Best not to watch the stats too much.. I feel like I *know* most of my followers and am happy being an *under the radar* blog for the time being. I’ll try to post more this year. Once a month at least and I’ll try for once a week.
      I want to keep adding my illustrations and might start working through my novels and posting any show don’t tell examples I write..
      I probably need to reveal what I’m up to too as I’ll be promoting Peterborough Open Studios soon in Cathedral square.

  7. Where are you? i need you! I can’t get past page 14 in the right brain book where I have to make a viewfinder. I’m no good with “make” anything. Permission to skip the viewfinder?!?!

    • tee hee. Not sure what version of book you have. don’t recall making a viewfinder.. permission to skip.. I pulled out all the exercises and ignored most of the rest.. If you can find 2 days free and go through all the exercises the difference will be amazing.. or do as much as you can over 1 hour daily.. after 10 days you’ll be well through it. good luck! Glad you even opened it! I’m over half way through an Open University writing course. If the view finder is a tool rather than an exercise can you ‘encourage’ someone to make it for you?

      • Thanks for encouragement and suggestions. I will ask Hub to make my viewfinder (DUH) and actually (on the calendar) schedule the exercise time. I need that disciplined approach because I look at those “before” and “after” results in the book, and my primitive attempt won’t even be anywhere close to their rudimentary “before” drawings. I do grasp the concept that I stopped learning at a child level, and once I learn I will draw at a more advanced (maybe teen!) level.

        Your class sounds intriguing. I didn’t want you to fall completely off my radar (unless you want to, of course!)

        Thanks again, Lynne, hor guving me a boost 🙂

  8. I love the unique way you shared your reflections post. Half of your posts were done by April 1st? That’s amazing! Congrats on completing the challenge!

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