I’m turning into an illustrator

Been here just not, here.

ox-eye acrylic

I tend to take a bit of a blogging break after each April.  This year I’ve been carrying on with my sketches and paintings and am really loving doing them.

Gold echinacea

I kept away from writing another novel in July and instead have been sketching.  Here’s a couple for you to consider.  I’d love to hear what you think.


Thanks for popping by.


Thinking of you, Lynne xxx


10 thoughts on “I’m turning into an illustrator

  1. Yay, hi, welcome back!!

    First, your dog – he is very, very lifelike; I can almost see his nose twitching and great whiskers. Second – love how you did the room illustrations with bits of color. The flowers and the (lion?) painting on the wall are my favorite parts.

    The flowers are pretty, but of these four, I prefer the dog and room – I guess they have more “concrete” definition for my taste.

    I still haven’t taken up any sketching or drawing. Not beating myself up because have so much else going on. It will begin in its own time – that’s what I know about myself.

    • Hiya Sammy!

      That’s how I feel about blogging, when it’s time I’ll be blogging. I completely agree. No beating ourselves up required.

      The paintings were in the room as the sketch was of open studios recently with my friend and her paintings.

      My illustrations are coming on in leaps and bounds.. Poppy the dog was watching some cake being eaten and I had to run for my pencil and pad. Think I need them attached to me at all times..

      Someone asked me what inspires me, anything that In front of me is demanding to be sketched at the moment. The time will pass but I’m loving the reaction to what I’m drawing this year. *does silly happy dance*

      • We gotta enjoy that dance as long as we can! Nothing richer in life than the times we know we are in the throes of a new passion.

        I wondered what Poppy was looking at because I could see the “ready to spring forward” pose. At the same time, something about his eyes said, “C’mon, lady. Are you done sketching yet?”

    • Many thanks!
      The first two acrylics are only parts of the full paintings. Not sure why I didn’t take the full pic and crop them. Must do. The one you prefer is about 30x90cm narrow and tall.

  2. Those pieces are gorgeous! I love the colors and the lines. The room might be my favorite though. I like that it’s a glimpse of a room but it tells so much without being overwhelming in detail. It’s hard to pick just one favorite though because the flowers at the top (daisies?) make me happy with the blue and gold.

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