Starling moults

I’m a bit obsessed at the moment. Thoroughly enjoying my little flock of starlings taking their breakfast and morning baths on my patio at 6:30 each day. 

It’s got me thinking, about friendships and moving and moulting, shedding our old ways and developing into fully fledged adults. I’m still not sure when that will happen to me.

This Starling gang I have the pleasure of watching, jostle for position on the fence and into the bath. They like to eat first then bath later. They’re not quite as jumpy as they were and seem a bit more relaxed about landing and feeding.

I’m assuming the moulting of feathers must be a bit itchy since they’re constantly washing and preening.

Whilst I’m good at keeping their water baths full I’m less good at sketching them and taking photos of them. No doubt there will be a Starling sketching blog post soon.. In the meantime here’s my best pic of a few juvenile starlings showing the different stages of moulting.