View from Peterborough Benches 1-5

I sketch outdoors. Wherever I am and whatever I see, I’m always itching to sketch these days.

view from bench No 1

Like most, I’m not brilliant at taking proper breaks during the day and noticed I was only sketching at weekends or on holidays.  I had words with myself ‘Take your spare art materials into work, take them out at lunchtimes and see what happens.’  This is the result of the first five and now seems to be the beginning of a Peterborough Bench project. 

View from bench No 2

The results are pretty rough but I’m amazed at how differently I already feel about the place and what I’ve noticed.  I had no idea how many benches were close to where I work or why. There are about fifteen outside the magistrates court for example and these first five were all done on some of those. We’re talking over 60 benches within easy walking distance for lunch.. This might take me a while.

View from bench No 3

Next week I’m hoping to move to one of the gardens before the flowers and bedding plants get removed so there should be more colour in them.  I’m hoping to continue and do them all and have a few other projects, that have stemmed from this one, in mind.

View from bench No 4

I have noticed that there are less flowers and no hanging baskets where I’ve been sitting.  The hangers are there just as they are the other side of the road but as I move across further into town I should get more hanging baskets to draw.

View from bench No.5

Given that by the time I’d drawn view from bench No.5 I’d been sitting there each day for a week for an hour  I shouldn’t have been surprised when someone came up and said ‘so you’re the artist.’ Then proceeded to see if what I’d drawn looked like what was in front of me.  They thought there was a likeness thankfully!

All of the people are composites as they change in front of me often and each is my interpretation of what I see.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed my daily art routine.

Happily sketching, Lynne