Peterborough Bench views 6 -10

Work-life choices, I’ve not had as much time to sketch as I’d like. Isn’t that always the way. I have been out and about a bit and now have done 12 views from Peterborough benches. Here’s the next five.

Bench view No 6

There’s different reactions to what I do depending on all sorts of things.  How much I want to engage with others, where I sit, what time of the day and which days.

Bench views No 7

I’m learning a lot more about myself, others and the town. I thought I’d learn about painting which I must be, but not consciously.

Bench view No 8

Not surprisingly, when I sat in the middle of town at the weekend when there was an Italian festival happening all around me, people were more interested in what I was up to than when I sketch at lunchtime. At the weekend festival, many sat or stood quietly near me for a long time watching how I worked.  Most commented very positively on what I was creating before they moved on. I work very fast and that seems to fascinate people.

Bench view No 9

Mothers brought their children to watch me paint. ‘See how she’s working quick to capture the people before they move away’ it was fun listening to how others see what I do. People veered from their route to pause a while and watch over my shoulder to see what I was doing. People who also paint stopped and talked to me of their work. I was most concerned by those who said there’s no art in primary schools anymore and since I can’t quite believe that, I will look into it.

Bench view No 10

Please let me know what you think.