Peterborough #BenchViews 11-15

The leaves are starting to fall and there’s a few places I feel I must sketch before the flowers go over and the trees are bare.

Bench view No 11

I noticed more leaves falling on the Autumn equinox, a day I did three sketches. One on my way into work, one at lunchtime and one on my home.

Bench Views No 12

I’m beginning to notice more about what shops and others show from their windows.. There’s a shoe shop who’s stacking of shoe boxes in their upper windows strangely brought pleasure to my eye satisfying my love of order.

Bench view No 13

Since our office moved I’ve not spent so much time near the market, a place I always used to have my lunch. Remembering the benches I went at the weekend and hadn’t realised how much it’s changed and is becoming a food court hub. The towering flower stands add a lovely touch of brightness to what was a bit of a dull corner.

Bench Views No 14

By now I’m starting to notice how much I see and hear. How we all seem to forget others near us when we sit on benches and have personal conversations. Bench view No 15 was done from two places as I felt a need to move away from those talking near me.  I felt just overhearing their conversation was a bit intrusive of me and I found myself listening so much that I struggled to focus on my sketch.

Bench views No 15

There’s something else that happened while I created this sketch.. I decided it was a pink day.. as you do, such is the whim of the artist!

You might, or not, be interested to know I’ve worked out how many different bench views I could do from my walk into and from work and where I go for lunch and shopping in town.. Around 100 so we may be here awhile.. five bench views at a time.. Tell me when you’ve had enough..


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