A few #Ourzoo sketches

This week I’ll be watching the last episode in the current series of a TV drama based on the Mottershead family story who started Chester Zoo.

I wanted to say a few words of thanks and share my first sketches of some Chester zoo animals that I’ve done for decades. My family had very close ties to the zoo. Dad was taken in to work and given a home by George Mottershead from the orphanage and childrens home where Dad was living at the time.

elephant family

Growing up I spent a lot of time after school, at weekends and during school holidays, with a sketch book drawing every animal I could as I wandered around the zoo. Unfortunately those sketches weren’t kept so earlier this year I spent a few hours in #ourzoo and created as many pencil sketches as I could.  Many are still to be finished and I’m hoping to return to create more but in the meantime, here’s the first few.


I show them here by way of a thank you to all those involved in the drama. June, who’s portrayed in the programme, has had a wonderful time throughout the whole process and it’s been a fantastic experience to be on the sidelines hearing all about it. June rang me one morning reminding me of which episode was on that evening, it was lovely to speak to her the day the episode with her as an extra was on.


June Mottersheads story which inspired the #ourzoo drama will be out in a book soon. No I’m not in it, but dad is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these few tasters of my animal series.


2 thoughts on “A few #Ourzoo sketches

  1. Lynne – your illustrations of our gentle, ancient giants are lovely and all the more meaningful because of your familial connections. I am sorry your father was orphaned – so frightening at any age – and grateful for the generosity of the benefactors who gave him a home.

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