Peterborough #BenchViews 16-20

They say that after doing something 13 times it becomes habit. Now I’m sketching by habit here’s my bench view sketches numbers 16-20. I hope you like them.

Bench View No 16

I struggle if I don’t have my art bag with me.  I gave a local three minute talk of the first 16 bench views and someone commented on my art bag.  It’s a habit, what can I say.  I’ll have to take a pic and do a blog just about that bag as why I chose it has it’s own history.

bench view No 17

There were so many things I wanted to add into this sketch and found it a bit harder to relax because there was a lot of sky and the people weren’t as close as I like. I also sketched it before and after a meeting held on a bench on a Sunday. There’s something about meeting on a bench in Peterborough that’s food for the soul these days.

Bench view no 18

People who are looking at my sketches regularly have commented how different some of them are. They say that doesn’t mean better or worse just different.. I try to finish them while I’m sat on the bench but some have to wait to get finished later. This means I’m in a different angle and more or less comfortable and have more or less time which all add to how I finish the lines and colour.

Bench View No 19

This was sketched on one of those days where things happen you’d never be able to plan.

Bench View No 20

Winter arrived and it rained on Diversity Day.

I hope you’re enjoying these. They’ve already taken me to Folkestone to view the triennial, more about this on a later blog and when I’ve completed some of the bench views from there. Who knows if they’ll take me anywhere else but regardless, I’m enjoying all the time I’m currently sketching and watching the world go by.

What do you think? Any benches you’re drawn to?





5 thoughts on “Peterborough #BenchViews 16-20

  1. They are terrific, Lynne. I love the idea of blogging about your art bag. I’ve not much passion for purses, but I have loved many bags. I might have to borrow that fir a prompt !!

    I am enjoying (for you) that people are stopping to comment on your sketches. Has that part been a surprise or nuisance for you or does it give you incentive to carry on? Are you sketching on a pad or using an easel? I look for sketchers here, since knowing you are doing this, but I haven’t seen any. A painter here and there.

    • Huge thanks Sammy, glad you like them. I’m never sure how they’ll be seen but I need to do them and that’s all that matters.
      Most people are very sensitive to what I’m doing mainly because I think I go a bit trancelike. Friends have stood and waved in front of me and I don’t notice them at all. If I’m sketching while there’s an event happening my sketches take twice as long while people talk to me about my work. The sketches have three phases and the nuisance or incentive varies depending on which bit I’m doing.
      I use A3 spiral water colour pads. I forget where here and there is. Fun that you’re now looking out for people doing similar to me. Here’s to bag blogs.. you heard it here first! 🙂

      • You are right. We are compelled to “do” certain creations. it takes more guts to post those things, but in a way that is what makes the “whole” of the art world thrive.

        I understand the trance; I believe it’s the “zone” for anyone deeply immersed in an activity they love.

        Oh yes, all credit to you when my bag post becomes a nationally published treatise 🙂

    • I’ve been on a raft there and not sure I’ve sat on the specific benches you’re referring to but yes they would be fun benches to sketch from. I quite like the buildings as backdrops for mine. I did do a few rather quickly drawn sketches of jets mid display at Waddington Airshow this year.

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