Peterborough #benchviews 31-35

I was asked to participate in creating some postcards for a big draw event in Peterborough. Always happy to draw regardless of ability I tried to encourage as many people as I could to also take part. I got a little carried away and probably created about 20 postcards, some of which apparently did get hung up on the washing line.. No, I’m not going to explain here.

Bench View No 31

Anyhow, I said if they could find me a bench I’d draw on the day. I had expected to capture people pegging up postcards but instead I sat on the benches I could find nearby which were picnic benches and I sketched the comings and goings related to the event, rather than the event itself, though you might be able to see some postcard like items in one of the drawings.

Bench View No 32

I did love the location though. Sat in between three different train lines was quite a thrill for someone with a passion for rail.

Bench View No 33

There were many more people in this scene than I captured. The tree and the umbrella caught my attention oh and the train that went by as the speeches were being given. I think I prefer it when there’s lots of people passing me as they all merge into each other and I get more of an essence of who passes. This one’s a bit of an odd one. It was the third one I did this day which turned into a day when I did seven sketches..

Bench View No 34

This picture is of one of the willow arches in the Green Back Yard.  I think I need to spend more time when drawing foliage than I do when I sketch from a bench. I seem to be able to do buildings and people passing quicker and, in my view, better, than I do when I sketch foliage.

Bench view No 35

The fifth sketch done on the same day while I was sitting waiting for the Zombie walk to pass. Although there are police and cyclists in this one, it’s by no way a political statement. They both went past me during the thirty mins it usually takes me to pencil sketch. I try to not be too selective but I do make composites. These sketches aren’t one moment in time. They’re part of one day but not one moment.

These were all drawn on 1 November 2014 in and around Peterborough England.  I did enjoy that day.