How do you celebrate when tragedy happens

I wanted to celebrate three years of my blog on the day. Other things seemed more important. No matter, I’d do it the day after, it didn’t matter that I’d be a day late, it’s my blog, who’d notice. I wasn’t sure what to put on for my blogiversary so asked Twitter. Someone suggested a birthday cake which seemed very sensible and why didn’t I think of that. I seem to miss the obvious more and more these days when I search for the different, the obtuse, the more interesting. 

Obviously I was living in a bubble on my blogiversary as I drew a birthday cake thinking I’d write and post the blog the following day. I woke up and for a rare occasion put on the morning news to be confronted with the aftermath of Je suis Charlie. I looked at my drawing of a birthday cake to celebrate three years of my blog and it disappeared into insignificance.  

I don’t do cartoons yet people have started calling some of my sketches cartoon-like or even cartoons and who am I to disagree with what they see. I’ve probably sketched and illustrated more in the past year than any other year and the more I draw the more I and others have been changing our view of the world around us.

 Bench View No50

I looked at my sketch again and decided to draw something different next to it and that when the words came I would post the two sketches as one on this blog to remember those who died because they drew and the last three years of my random and eclectic postings on this blog, this one joining the many others. Here, I make no support of what the cartoonists drew, how can I, I haven’t seen their work and don’t speak French but if someone doesn’t like what someone else does they need to find another way of commenting and changing that not walk in and kill them.

 cake and hand

Each time things like this happen I am reminded of the days 30 years ago in my 20’s when I used to patrol a bit of London Zoo checking bins for bombs or anything suspicious. To this day I don’t know what I’d have done if I’d found one.

 Bench view No60

All I want to do now is sketch as often as I can this year and not forget the power of image and my pencil. I’ve included a few pics of my more recent Bench View sketches to continue my randomness of this blog. 

Bench View No70

We all have a responsibility to live as we want the world to be. What do you do to help the world live happily ever after and what are you celebrating while the world takes another pause to reflect on how we sometimes affect each other in bigger ways than my blogiversary? 

Happy third birthday Lynnelives. The words came today. Here’s to the next three years.