First, Fifth, Fifteenth, Fortieth, Fiftieth, #AtoZchallenge

It never occurred to me that there were so many numbers beginning with F.  First.

view from bench No 1

Well why would you even think about it unless you have a hundred sketches and a need to find a word for F. Fifth.

View from bench No.5

I have been pondering the floor around each bench in Peterborough and in front of each bench in Peterborough, as you do, but a post about floors might even put me off so I went for a few numbers. I found myself looking at the floor a lot when doing this next sketch due to the rather candid conversation the two sat on the bench next to me were having at the time.

Thankfully, here near the market are two circles of benches so I quickly moved to the other circle to finish off my sketch and let them have their conversation without me listening in. The thing about concentrating on one thing like sketching and not speaking is sometimes your hearing or another sense is heightened. Just saying.. Then again, I also find that when I’m doing the watercolour part of the sketch I’m so into the zone by then that I don’t hear or see anything else. Fifteenth.

Bench views No 15

I was quite excited when I saw that the next bench was free. There’s a few benches in Peterborough that are very popular. This one’s next to a chippy. Fortieth.

Bench View No 40

There were a few benches which kept moving during 2014 while there was work being carried out on improvements to part of the city and before the new benches were installed I was determined to sketch from the old benches wherever they were and whatever they faced. They were very busy benches so I had to bide my time till they were available. There’s lots of waiting for some of these sketches you know. Fiftieth.

Bench View No50

Yes, it finally occurred to me too that there’s tons more.. particularly the less likely numbers 4, 14, then 41-49 and 51-59.. Too much choice makes blogging that bit harder and I’m all for an easy life so I hope you like the ones I chose..

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about sketches I’ve done this past year and some benches I’ve met along the way. Most but not all of the sketches were done from benches during my walk to work and around town where I shop.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2015 AtoZ Blogging Challenge.


12 thoughts on “First, Fifth, Fifteenth, Fortieth, Fiftieth, #AtoZchallenge

    • Thanks Cait. It’s a slice of life. There are some which have much less activity due to the locations and views. I’m reliant on what passes me by which is what I love about them, I have no expectation or idea of what they’ll include when I sit down.

    • Thanks David. The letter F and numbers chose for me, I take no credit bar doing the sketches in the first place. I went for the more obvious numbers. I think it shows a good selection of the bench view sketches.
      I’m chuffed to bits by the comments on this page. I sketch because I get so much from drawing, it’s a bonus when they get such a reaction.

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