Gardens and Gardeners #AtoZChallenge

My Dad was an amazing Gardener and took me to many British gardens. Whenever I sit in a garden I think of him and the conversation we’d be having about what we were looking at. We’d definitely be talking about how people store their tools while they work when I sketched this.

Bench View No 23

On this page are some of the sketches I’ve done over the past  seven months of the life and work of the Gardens on my daily route around and about Peterborough.

Bench view No57

I grew up near some amazing gardens and knew some wonderful gardeners, who, it’s fair to say, put up with my slightly differing views of what gardening was at times, but I still appreciated their green fingers, even if they were linked to bedding patterns I knew I’d never have in my own garden. It does mean I can find a common language with most gardens and gardeners.

Bench View No59

There are some traditional, of a sort, gardens I pass on my walk to and from work in Peterborough and since they’ve got a few benches in them I often plan in a stop on my way past to ponder a little and sketch whatever passes me by. One day that included two people who made me wonder what would happen if I’d not been there and they’d both sat on the bench.. Wonderings of a writer of chick lit.. and then there were the comings and going of the police which, although didn’t happen as this sketch suggests, the timings of where they were as I sketched them led to this perspective which I like pondering on.

Bench View No64

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about sketches I’ve done this past year and some benches I’ve met along the way. Most but not all of the sketches were done from benches during my walk to work and around town where I shop.

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