Mirrored Meeting #AtoZChallenge

Since I’ve started sketching from benches I’ve also started having more meetings on them. I love it in the summer when I can say to someone let’s meet on a bench.

Bench View No 28

This image is of one such meeting to discuss my input to last years Big Draw. While we chatted I sketched and I’d deliberately positioned us with our backs to the church so we were facing a large window which allowed me to include our meeting from the  mirrored effect in front of me.

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about sketches I’ve done this past year and some benches I’ve met along the way. Most but not all of the sketches were done from benches during my walk to work and around town where I shop.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2015 AtoZ Blogging Challenge.


8 thoughts on “Mirrored Meeting #AtoZChallenge

  1. Not many benches where I live. If my dad had been an artist, he would have sketched at 7-11. He always scheduled meetings there.
    ~Visiting from AtoZ

    • Thanks Cait, I’ve done a few now. It’s becoming a bit of a habit to try to get myself into some of these sketches.. Where there’s a mirror or window on a sunny day I could be in the sketch!

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