Night Night I’m bench viewed out.. Nonsense 19, 90, 99 #AtoZChallenge

When I started, I expected there to be about maybe 40ish, what? No there’s about 60, and then, as I started counting the benches I’d walked past without noticing, I realised there were quite a few more. Over double that. Here’s my nineteenth sketch which I now realise has already been used in K and it would also fit for P.

Bench View No 19

It makes me smile when I remember Michaels pose so in case you missed it at K here it is again. Rain or shine Michael is out with his trusted friends, making the world a better place near the Market and by the passport office in Peterborough each Saturday morning. They’ll chat to anyone, including me, and always take an interest in what I’m sketching which is nice.

Bench View No90

And as I add my 90th sketch from a different bench in Peterborough I’m reminded of the thoughts I had around whether sitting inside a church I pass all the time on a pew, that by any other name is a bench, could fit within my bench view series (if I’m adding pews in churches the number could increase dramatically). Sometimes we create rules that we don’t need, if other’s don’t give us rules we often do that for ourselves.

What nonsense we sometimes tell ourselves and try to live by. When I came to sketch my 90th I happened to be listening to some friends give a talk inside a church which is part of my regular route. So I was inside not out, so it was a pew, it still felt like a bench. Could it fit within my bench view series, of course it could since it’s my series and I make, or break, the ‘rules’.

Bench View No99

Using my hundredth sketch for H gave me a harsh time limit, one which almost drove me to say night night, I’m bench viewed out… To get there I chose to zoom in for a few, including my 99th as a swan stopped in front of me for a moment. Still views from benches, which is the rule, if there is such a thing, of my bench view series, though quicker sketches and not the usual bench view I draw, getting me to H in time. Apparently I did the swan in 5 seconds.. Really? Probably, for the pencil part.

What nonsense do you try to observe and therefore is yours to break?

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about sketches I’ve done this past year and some benches I’ve met along the way. Most but not all of the sketches were done from benches during my walk to work and around town where I shop.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2015 AtoZ Blogging Challenge.


4 thoughts on “Night Night I’m bench viewed out.. Nonsense 19, 90, 99 #AtoZChallenge

  1. It’s amazing how quickly these mount up, isn’t it! Hm… maybe I should use my scribblings as a theme for next year 😉

    • It’s been easier than I thought finding ones to fit with the letters. The sketches started out as illustrative of my posts and it’s ended up with the posts being about my illustrations.

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