Zombie walk #AtoZChallenge

I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Many people, amazingly made up walking on a route through town. It happens each year in Peterborough to raise funds for charity. I think those taking part have a pretty wacky time too. Since I’d been sketching for a while from benches I asked if they minded me trying to sketch them as they passed a bench or two that I was going to sit on. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for.

Bench view No 36

I’d already done four sketches of another event before this one started on a normal Saturday afternoon. Some of us found our spot early. I must have sat for about an hour or more.. It’s not like there’s not enough benches in Peterborough and at one point I worried that I was on the wrong side of the street.. as you do when the zombie walk’s in town.

Bench view No 37

What I didn’t expect was that I’d become a target of interest or that I’d know so many who took part. I’ve never been good with people dressed up as I have such a vivid imagination. It was pretty hard sketching while being rather frightened at the same time so I didn’t manage to make as many sketches as I’d hoped. While sketching one of these I had people behind me taking pictures of what I was doing as well as some of the Zombies stopping and taking pictures of me sketching them.. One of the most bizarre experiences of my life.

That’s it for AtoZ’s from me for 2015. Many thanks to all who’ve popped by, to the organisers for yet another wonderful AtoZ experience and to all those who came up with posts for me and others to enjoy along the way and last but not least to my friends and family who coped with me happily hiding away for another month, did I miss anything… Each AtoZ is a bit different for those participating, I’ll now do a little pondering on what I got out of this years ready for my AtoZ reflections post..

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge was all about sketches I’ve done this past year and some benches I’ve met along the way. Most but not all of the sketches were done from benches during my walk to work and around town where I shop.

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As I do each year, I’ll try to blog more for the rest of the year but for now I’ll zzzzzzzz