#AtoZChallenge Reflections


Another year, another AtoZ reflection, this one’s my fourth.

Before I start I’d like to thank the co-hosts and Arlee without whom this challenge wouldn’t happen.

Chuck together a few words with some sketches I’ve done during the year and job done was my theory for this year.

Draw and write about drawings.

Easy, no?

Far from it, since I took ill and didn’t get many if any posts prescheduled.

Goals are great but be prepared to miss them.

Hours disappeared as I caught up with some amazing blog posts.

Individuals graced me with their presence, not as many as I’d hoped but I didn’t get around as many others either.

Janizary got me out of a hole for J.

Kind comments were left by those visiting me.

Largely an enjoyable experience, everyone was very supportive and played nice as expected.

Mystery surrounding when I tried to comment and wasn’t able to, that put me off visiting as I never knew how successful it would be.

Numbers of participants were lower than expected and I haven’t yet found as many blogs as I’d usually be drawn to.

One by one the numbers dropped off, no idea if more than usual disappeared throughout the month.

Pre-scheduled is definitely the way to go to help engage with others and be more ‘visible’ with comments, I probably said the same in previous years.

Quieter than the usual buzz but I still had quality visitors.

Reflecting if I’m a robot or not.

Stats were much lower for me than previous years though steady for most of the month.

Tina’s sunflower story helped inspire me to keep going.

Unique writers are out there, as usual.

Valued visits from co-hosts and their volunteers.

Waiting to fall into the trap of doing it again next year although at this point I’d say ‘no way!’.

X is always a tough letter to blog about though this year some of the easier letters were harder than the usual harder letters.

You can take me off the lower than 100 followers (broke that barrier) list if that’s still there.

Zombie seemed to be the in-word to finish this year, it would be good to have a list somewhere of the titles each day allowing us to find ones we’re drawn to more often, no idea how you’d do that other than by a hashtag maybe.


20 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Reflections

    • What can I say, Virus’s love me at the beginning of the year.. Enough with the old, you’re only a year behind me! glad you like my AtoZ AtoZreflection, it’s become a bit of a tradition.

  1. Really loved the pictures this year, and I’m happy you did this again.

    Re wantiong to comment and not being able to: were the most problems with WordPress or Blogger blogs? I think there’s something about the setup for comments in both that might make commenting an adventure.

    • Thanks John.
      If people struggle to comment on mine I have no idea what I’m doing or not doing.
      I’ve no idea which I struggled to comment on as I just never went back and didn’t keep a record which I will if I do the road trip. When commenting I don’t want to use my fb account, will use twitter if I have to, don’t have google+ which limits the options on many other blogs.
      Thanks for your kind words on my pictures. I’m glad I had enough to choose from without having to create many. It’s been this challenge that got me doing more and more and ended up with my current style and more confidence to sketch in public which is what I do all the time now. Look out for me on a bench!

  2. I guess I still am on the list (<100 followers)
    And way to go – reflecting on a-z challenge with an a-z post 😉

    • The list might have been for last year. I can’t find it for this year. Have you tried adding a link or the name of your blog when you comment as I’d love to see your AtoZ’s but have no way of finding you. Glad you appreciated my AtoZ AtoZreflection.

  3. I just found your blog through the reflections page. I had a problem finding blogs i really liked this year too. I think I may have found more going around to reflections than I did during the challenge. I like your sketch theme and will be back to check out more of them!

    Finding Eliza

    • Thanks, I’ll take a look at yours now and also take another pootle around the reflections. hope you like my sketches when you get to them. The one here was done for AtoZ a few years ago.

  4. I love your drawings and your reflection post! 🙂 unfortunately by now i havn’t read all your A to Z posts, but i will come back again to do it and enjoy your art!

  5. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! This was my second year taking part. I learned from last year that preparation is key and that’s what I did. I started writing my posts in January, although I did edit/rewrite some at the last minute. Just meandering through from the Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

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