Countdown to end of Peterborough City Bench View Sketches

Believe it or not, maths was my strong point.. It’s not now.. I thought I had 22 benches still to do to get to 200, at the time I’d done 176.. err..

I’ve now sketched 178 bench views + there’s about 20 still to do = 198 not 200.
There’s 1 or 2 peripheral benches that might get included and there might be more in cloisters than I recall so I might be at 200 after all.

Bench view No112

In case you’re lost, on August 28 2014 I took out my spare sketch pad at lunchtime to force me to take a proper break and sat on the first bench I found unoccupied and sketched. I enjoyed it so much and got so much out of it that I carried on. 10 months later and I’m coming to the end of sketching from each and every bench that I regularly pass on my daily wanderings to work and where I shop in town.

Bench View No120

It might not be your usual countdown..

Bridge street ‘new’ benches – done
Bridge street near magistrates – done
around St Johns – done
Around parrots – done
within market – done
the circles near market and passport office – done
long causeway – done
the three which face the underpass boulevard large roundabout – done
the one which eluded me forever outside Asda – done
those outside the regional pool – done
the two along from long causeway – done
the two outside market car park – done
that one on the bridge – done

along the river – about 5 to do
Grain barge – 5 to do
facing the Lido – 1 to do
Bishops gardens – 3 to do
around cathedral square – 3 to do
cloisters – maybe 3 to do – I need to check how many are there.

Bench View No133

I’m hoping to get them all completely finished by 28 August 2015.

Many are now only pencil sketches as I wanted to get them sketched before I gave up. I used to complete them before I carried on from more benches but I seem to be on a roll and want to sketch from as many as I can while the weather’s so amazing. throughout the year the most I’ve had to finish is 15. I’ve currently got 40 which need painting. Oops!

Each one’s still vivid in my memory and I’m looking forward to seeing what transpires as I paint, it completely changes the image.

Bench View No134

Occasionally while photographing them I notice some gaffs.. I’ve been chuntering that there are few benches that I can sit and see the Cathedral from and what do I do when I’m sat on one.. Get distracted by a cyclist and a friend and don’t put it in.. It should be in this one surely! Oh well, more content for any text I write about them. It’s been and still is a wonderful thing to do.

Bench View No135

Less than 3 weeks ago I sat in the rain sketching the workers in town and yesterday I talked to them about the hot weather we’re having.

I’ve still got hours of pleasure to come from these bench views before I continue my next series..

When you sit and stop a while you can be.