HIVE: Live Art, Urban sketching

I’ve been there before, I’ve sketched there before and I’ve painted there  before. This is the first time I treated the attendees at a Green Backyard event as I would those I sketch from a bench. What I mean is other than the first one I drew from a bench while people arrived, I got closer to the action so the people were about the same size as they would be passing me in front of one of the two hundred benches I’ve been sketching from elsewhere in Peterborough. You can breathe now..

Collins, HIVE arrival, 2015

For those not aware “The Green Backyard is a vibrant community growing project in the heart of Peterborough, which was established in 2009 and is run entirely by volunteers.”

The next three were sketched from my chair so if they’re any series they’re chair views..

Collins, HIVE BAR, 2015

The event I participated in was HIVE: Live Art. I had a wonderful time. Took too much art stuff as usual and didn’t do half of what I’d intended to create but instead I chose to draw the event as it happened.  The Bar’s always a good draw.. see what I did there..

Collins, HIVE poetry, 2015

Always one for a bit of poetry they were very accommodating of my slight sideways seating preference so I could get the crowd and artists in.  I couldn’t resist adding the little boy who seemed to know I was sketching and just kept waving at me. The poet performing at the time managed to keep going even though they had competition. The sound at the venue’s amazing. At times we heard the roar and chants from the football ground, interspersed with the regular passing of trains. The cars seem very distant yet within this foliage framed space the poets were still enjoyed.

Collins, HIVE Pizza shack, 2015

After all the hard work we all get a bit of time to eat, drink and enjoy.

Someone asked how many sketches I’ve done in one day before, fully completing them during the day it has to be seven last November. This day I fully finished all these five A3 sketches on site over eight hours. I have to admit I find it hard when there’s so much foliage. Structure and architecture with people passing is easier to sketch for me. There’s still so much I have to learn about sketching and illustrations, this day gave me more legitimate practice time.

Collins, HIVE Music, 2015

Even with people standing behind me watching me sketch, for what must have been ages for them, I was able to focus on what I was doing and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Particularly the moments where people valued and showed appreciation for what I was doing, don’t we all enjoy those.

I didn’t get around all of it due to many wonderful conversations as I sketched. My favourite? Has to be this last one due to the wonderful music being played by Kerry while I drew.

I hope you like them and next time come visit or join me sketching from such a wonderful urban place.