777, wasn’t that a plane? #nano

It’s November and not only did I forget to tell you that I’ve finished my Bench View Series I forgot to tell you that for the fifth November in a row I’m doing NaNo (National Novel Writing Month). Remember, 50,000 words in a month towards a book of fiction. Only I’m being a NaNo rebel this year.

I’m writing a non-fiction book about my Bench View Sketches. Those 201 sketches I did over the course of a year which I forgot to tell you I’d finished. I’ll write an update on how that went later. For now I’m doing the blog I got tagged to do.

The task.. go to the seventh page and seventh line and paste the next seven sentences on a blog post. I have a question. Does a heading equate as a sentence? No I decided it didn’t so you can read a bit more about the sketch I’ll use to provide t he visual stimulus.  As I write this I have no idea which picture it is so this choice of picture’s not mine it’s the NaNo challenges.

Here’s Bench View No17.

bench view No 17

And here are the sentences.

I wasn’t completely at ease since I’d just had to finish No 15 from this bench before focussing on this view. I don’t think this is the first sketch showing the eco building. I must find out what it was built for.

Bench View No 17

I think this was the day a picture was taken of me. By this time artists in town were showing an interest in what I was doing and had ideas of how I could get involved. Some of these ideas have worked out and others didn’t. Again the theme is expectations of myself and that of others and if those two different expectations fit.

And just for interest here’s Bench View No16 which the first two sentences relate to.

Bench View No 16

I’m not tagging anyone else since I think I only know one blogger, who’s not already done this, who’s doing NaNo.

Any bloggers out there who are doing NaNo, and fancy doing this, consider yourselves tagged by me 🙂