Jerusalem artichoke or Jelly #atozchallenge

I sketched the shadow of Jerusalem artichokes some years ago and still have to finish the acrylic painting they turned into. It would make this an easier day to post than I had planned if I sketched jelly as I’d have to make that first. You might get both.

You won’t. I’ve just looked at the picture and don’t really want to admit I’d painted it. Ok, onto Jelly. I was going to make it up in the one jelly mould I have but at 7am I don’t fancy eating it. I decided to go for the packet instead.

I can remember my Aunt telling me to eat one square each day to help my nails stay strong and healthy. Sometimes I still do that.

What more do I have to say about Jelly? I love it but rarely eat it unless I’m very ill when it becomes one of the few things I will eat. There is always a packet of Jelly in my cupboard. There are many things that can always be found in my cupboard, that’s true and a story for another post. But a packet of Jelly is always nestled amongst them.


What can I say, we’re heading into the wet days of April and taking photos with a camera that’s flash stopped working years ago means using a spot lamp that keeps showing shadows. Photos on the next five posts might be a bit dark unless it brightens up, then I’ll retake the pics. Yes I have the next weeks sketches completed.. almost.

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about err, I had every post topic then I changed my mind. This year I have no official theme, however, I do seem to be sketching vegetables quickly.. and packets of jelly, sticks and.. well that’s one for K, tomorrow.

Even if you’ve not enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2016 AtoZ Blogging challenge. I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow though I have little idea of what it will say, I do have another gloomy looking image for you, bet you can’t wait 🙂