Queen Katharine #AtoZChallenge

I drew this for P then, pondering on Q and the image I’d use for queens, I realised this had to be the picture I’d use for Queen instead. In a few weeks Queen Elizabeth II will be 90. We’ve been incredibly fortunate in our lifetime that we’ve had a stable monarchy. (just a reminder. views here my own)

Try to ignore the physalis, that was added when this was going to be my sketch for p, and focus on the pomegranate. What’s the link between the pomegranate and Queen Elizabeth II? I doubt I’ve got my history right by I think if you add fifteen greats to Aunt Katharine, by marriage, that’s the link.

The pomegranate represents one of the most amazing stories in history. That of Queen Katharine. If only one of her sons had lived who knows what would have happened. The pomegranate and Katharine’s story changed history in such a major way. Her story caused the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry VIII. The Church of England was created due to the dreadful fate of her sons. I know, I’m paraphrasing big time, please read up on it if you want a more in-depth version.


Pomegranate and physalis

And, partly because of the ever presence of Pomegranates adorning Katharine’s Tomb, I wanted to learn more about Peterborough Cathedral, which, in turn, brought history to life for me. Ten minutes walk from here, where, 480 years after Katharine of Aragon was buried, I’m writing about Queens for the AtoZ and showing you my version of a pomegranate, the fruit Queen Katharine chose as her badge. Presumably to remind her of Spain.

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about err, I had every post topic then I changed my mind. This year I have no official theme, however, I do seem to be sketching vegetables quickly and fruit quickly. Sometimes the theme’s a bit tenuous or random..

Even if you’ve not enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2016 AtoZ Blogging challenge. I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow though I have little idea of what it will say..