Yellow fruit and vegetables #AtoZchallenge

When I think of yoga I think of salute to the sun and when I think of vetetables I also think of saluting to the sun. Without the sun we would have few fruit and veg. no more to be said..

Or maybe I could say a few more words since this is my penultimate blog for April. I was going to write about yoga vegetables hence that bizarre opening paragraph. I changed it to Yellow fruit and veg as you can see..

I thought I’d already sketched a lemon, obviously not so I’ll add one to the one solitary rather brown than yellow banana I’m about to sketch. The lemon looks a bit old too. The courgettes (ooh spoiler..) for tomorrow are green not yellow and I was going to cheat and sketch yellow courgettes and use them on two days but I’d only be cheating myself out of some time for drawing. The place I get my Plantain from is the other side of town and I’ve not been there recently so no yellow plantain in the house at the moment. What else is yellow? Grapefruit, not one of my favourites, tomatoes before they ripen, Yellow peppers, you’ve already had a red pepper, and sweetcorn, If I’d thought of it, but I didn’t, the sketch could have been a sweetcorn with a banana and a yellow pepper for today.


yellow fruit and veg


My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about err, I had every post topic then I changed my mind. This year I have no official theme, however, I do seem to be sketching vegetables quickly..

Even if you’ve not enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2016 AtoZ Blogging challenge. I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow though you have a little idea of what it will say..