Zucchini #AtoZChallenge

A bit of a cheat since I’m British but, since lots of you are American and know this veg as Zucchini, I thought I could get away with it as the end to my AtoZ.

I’d have used it for C but didn’t have any in the house. I go through phases of eating courgettes/zucchini. It’s a veg I love growing but the early stages struggle with the slugs and snails as they love the plants as much as I love the veg.

On the years my veg plot’s busy I like to grow yellow and green zucchini and enjoy the different colours on the plate. I’ve found myself grating it more in recent years as zucchini cake’s delicious. It’s such a versatile veg. I used to confuse it for little Marrows but, apparently, it’s quite different. I’m sure you’ll let me know more about that.



Well, that’s all for this year. I know I’ve had more viewers than commenters and that’s fine. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sketches. I’m sure I’ll be doing more again next year. Although I’ve struggled to visit others with my poorly computer and broadband I’ve had a great time sketching and HUGE thanks to those who’ve carried on visiting here and liking and commenting knowing I couldn’t return the favour immediately.

My 2016 AtoZ Blogging Challenge was mostly all about sketching vegetables.

I look forward to seeing you back here next year though, once again, I’ll try not to leave it that many months before posting again. We’ll see.

TaTa for now.

Lynne x