Reflections & road trip links #AtoZchallenge

Arithmetic Architecture started me off, a day late but being in the middle of the list I wasn’t expecting many to notice.

Brussels got me onto my theme though I didn’t know it yet.

Creative cabbage got me wondering if I’d be sketching round green vegetables for a month.

Daffodil brought a bit of light into my day and I was happy to go random.

Err eggs reminded me what it’s like when I err don’t have a theme and haven’t prescheduled all of my posts before March.

Fennel was how I felt, this was going to be a long month.

Grapes cheered me up and I was enjoying wandering around.

Hot peppers reminded me Jalepeno’s started with a J.

Iconic ice-cream item seemed a bit far fetched but reminded me we can do anything we like and blogging is wonderful.

Jelly took me into a different realm of sketching as I rifled through my kitchen cupboards.

Key ring really was stretching the vegetable theme as there was no link, I didn’t wan t to sketch another green vegetable so thanks to visitors who suggested this.

Leeks seemed an obvious choice.

Mushroom seemed a better idea than the sketch turned out and got me halfway.

Nuts are too small and brown to be interesting to sketch.

Orange and onion started me off on my duo sketches of things which don’t go together.

Passion reminded me how much I love doing the AtoZ each year though my computer didn’t agree with me, and physalis didn’t get a mention so, once again, I use that sketch as an example of my theme.


Pomegranate and physalis

Queen because she is part of the theme I decided was for another year yet had a fruit link and I couldn’t come up with any fruit or veg beginning with Q.

Red onion because I’d run out and needed some, r is also for reflections and I hope you’re enjoying reading about mine.

Spring onion and strawberries sketched during a lunch break got everyone at work wondering what on earth I was up to.

Tomatoes and turnip, another one sketched during lunch bringing strange looks.

Unevenly undecided brought lots of nice comments, there’s not been many comments and I’ve not been able to visit as I’d hoped but I’ve kept sketching which was the important thing for me.

Vegetables are good for you and make wonderful sketching objects to practice drawing.

Watermelon is a lifesaver when you’re struggling in the latter stages.

Love AtoZ each year, many thanks to Lee and the other co-hosts and their helpers for keeping us going. x

Yellow fruit make a nice change from sketching green and red.

Zucchini is always the 26th letter in this alphabet, a bit different to the place I started and finished, shocked that there were 600 fewer of us by the end, shows how much work the organisers had to do to filter for us.