Apples #atozchallenge

This year there was no sign up so I didn’t and decided I wouldn’t do it this year. Who was I kidding? One week in I feel like I should be catching up.  

Here’s my A. Nine days late.. 

I don’t know what it is about apple trees. I keep buying them, then realising I still have no bigger garden for them. I don’t research my buying enough, the cheap ones from the local supermarket. I think they’re all supposed to be bramley apples. There’s a vision I have, of walking out of my back garden, picking some blackberries from the brambles that sneak our from behind the shed and a few bramleys from my apple tree, and making a crumble for afters on a Sunday.

A2Z blackberry

These trees are struggling but seem to find their niche, one’s become Espalier without me doing much, one’s happy in a tub in the sunniest place in the patio and, as I speak, two are wondering where their places will be. One’s survived the winter in it’s wrapping and the other’s got no intention of being left for even one winter without being planted.

A2Z apple flowers

I’ve learnt a lot while on this venture. Who knew there were different root stocks that apple trees were grown on. People keep telling me which I should have bought and even suggesting I start again as my apple trees from the supermarket came with no information about root stock. Abandon my trees? Can’t do that. Even though they’ll never produce bramleys as they should, they still deserve a life however reduced that may be.

 A2Z Apple

No more apple trees. And find out a bit more before venturing on any other visions I may have. It’s good to learn along the way but maybe this time I’d have fewer apple trees if I’d got the right one on the right root stock in the first place. There’s a tree in my neighbours garden which drops more than enough apples into mine each year but not bramleys.

I’m still convinced, regardless of root stock, one day my vision will happen with one of my own trees. 

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2017 AtoZ Blogging challenge, look in the comments on the letter of the day blog or like their facebook page. I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow.



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