Cherry tree #AtoZchallenge

This year I decided I wouldn’t the AtoZ blogging challenge. Who was I kidding? One week in and I’ve decided to start and catch up at the same time.

Here’s my C. Six days late.

My cherry tree is a bit of a dispute patch between me and my neighbour. It got a bit big for me to cope with. They kept cutting their side which meant it got a bit one sided. We both became worried it would fall. Recently we had a hilarious day with me trying to climb their ladder as they helped me cut my side too. It’s good when neighbours work together. There’s lots of blossom but it may be it’s last and it might be replaced by a young bramley apple tree.. (see A for the explanation of this one).

A2Z cherry blossom

Now, if it was a morello cherry tree like those on the other side of the street I’d have to find a way to keep it but as it is only the birds get to eat it. It makes for a gory day or two later in the year as the blackbirds and starlings have a gorge day and there’s cherry juice everywhere which I find amusing to watch. At the moment it’s as if it’s snowing in spring. Once the cherry blossom is pollinated by bees and other insects, the petals float down. Add a bit of wind and you get a simulated snow storm which is beautiful.

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post why not see what others are doing too during 2017 AtoZ Blogging challenge, look in the comments on the letter of the day blog or like their facebook page. I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow.


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