Ivy #atozchallenge

There’s a part of my garden that’s covered in Ivy. It’s welcome there. It’s not welcome when it tries to move onto and into my fences and my greenhouse. Where the ivy’s covering the fallen down Elder tree trunk and a large part of my *cough* lawn, it’s welcome. 

A2Z ivy

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

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18 thoughts on “Ivy #atozchallenge

  1. Given the right conditions it can be a real problem. Like you say if it stays where it is being useful then it can be highly functional and attractive. Visiting from A-Z Challenge 🙂 Linda

    • You know, I think they’re not that bad if the pointing is strong. Once they’re on I think they protect so long as they can’t get into the bricks. Don’t quote me, I’m not a bricktician, Bricktologist or whatever the technical term is.

    • It’s not got near my house. I’ll be pulling it off if it get’s anywhere near. Like you I do love to see it on buildings though. Can I just say, lovely to see you here again. I can’t believe this is my sixth year.

  2. If it covers your lawn, I suppose you get out of mowing, right? That’d be nice.

    And I think the bricktologists would say that no pointing is strong enough to beat ivy roots. Eventually, they will break it down and create a route for water to get behind the brick and start damaging the building, so unless you build a fake outer wall that is meant to be covered in ivy, with a separate inner wall that the ivy can’t get through, you’re going to have trouble (but very pretty trouble, at least). 🙂

    • Yes, not mown for years. I think I heard that it’s ok left up until you try to take it down then you might need a new wall but what do I know of buildings. I’m pretty useless with home maintenance.

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