Jasmine #atozchallenge

Both the winter Jasminum nudiflorum and summer Jasminum officinale survive the frost on my patio. They never grow much though and I think that’s more to do with not having something to grow on than anything else. I must get them something to train themselves to.

A2Z Summer jasmine leaves

It’s spring and I don’t have any pictures of my summer jasmine in flower, the pic above is of it now in leaf. Let me see if I can find the picture I took of the winter jasmine in flower a few months ago. It’s the first to flower on the patio each year. Here you go.

A2Z Winter jasmine flower

I love the idea that I can walk out onto my patio and smell jasmine.

A2Z Winter jasmine leaves

Then there’s this other plant. I’m sure it’s a jasmine but I’m also not sure. And come to think about it, I might have got the identification of the other two inaccurate too. Feel free to tell me what you think they are though I realise the images here are perhaps a bit more arty than descriptive. Oh well, what does it matter what they are? They give me pleasure, they’re staying alive and I’m trying to make their lives better each year.

A2Z Unidentified plant

A quick look at the Royal Horticultural Society web pages tells me I’ve got the identification of the two correct and that there are many winter and summer cultivars but, looking at the pictures, I now think the third might not be jasmine at all. It probably needs moving, re-potting and given something to grow on, then, when it flowers, I can re-identify it. Unless you clever readers can tell me what it is from this picture?

Jerusalem artichokes is a plant I also wanted to write about today but It’s dark, my artichoke seed packet’s in the greenhouse and I can’t remember if they’re Jerusalem or Globe. It’s the first time I’ve tried to grow artichokes. The seedlings look fab don’t you think and I’m looking forward to seeing what they turn into.

A2Z artichoke seedlings

Pictures on the internet tell me I want my seedlings to be globe artichokes not Jerusalem so they wouldn’t have fitted here anyway. They’re the ones I’ve enjoyed painting the shadows of. We don’t all have veg patches to provide food for our stomachs. Mine is as much, at times, about food for my creativity. Ahh, but that’s for another post.

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