Kitchen garden #AtoZChallenge

There’s something about walking out of the backdoor and picking your own herbs for your meals. Whenever I see herbs in the supermarket looking all forlorn I wonder why people don’t buy the potted live versions and grow their own. You need little space as many can be grown in pots.


My patio is, I guess, my kitchen garden. It’s got rosemary, chives, strawberries, sage, oregano, thyme, mint all within easy reach of my backdoor and kitchen. I could write a post about each one of these.

A2Z Mint

I struggle to grow borage, no idea why that is. I also seem to struggle to grow Thyme. Having said I’ve got it on the patio I couldn’t find it to take a picture. I think I keep putting it in a pot with oregano and the oregano wins out. I also keep getting confused between my oregano and marjoram.. I’m obviously not cooking as much as I used to. Need to change that.


Actually, I’m not sure many of my herbs are particularly healthy, looking at them as I write this. Maybe I’m not using them enough or maybe it’s just the post winter blues. They’ll feel better soon, as the weather changes and I’ll move them to better places on the patio for them.

A2Z echinacea (2)

Chives, on the other hand are flourishing. Even after my friend helped clear up my patio for me recently without me having been explicit enough about what plants I cherish, the chives re-grew through the paving slabs as good as ever.


I’d better say something about my rosemary.. The thing is, I’m not a ‘traditional’ gardener as you might have noticed. I let plants grow where they want to and one year I let a few too many hazel trees sprout up where I shouldn’t have, right in front of the amazing rosemary bush that had been in my garden for many years. This bush had provided numerous rosemary sprigs for some amazing roast dinners over the years. It was too late before I realised it had been too dry a year for both the hazel and rosemary to survive. Although I quickly removed the hazel, I think the shade had been too much for the rosemary and I’d left it too late. I know, it’s very sad, Rosemary died. I now have many new rosemary’s all wondering why I’m keeping them in little pots that they’re not very happy in. I don’t want to repeat the mistake and haven’t decided where to plant them yet.


What herbs do you grow and have you any tips to help me keep my thyme in future? My Sage is doing ok but I think will benefit from being used a bit more. Oh what a shame, now what goes well with sage?

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

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