Noisy (gore warning) #AtoZChallenge

We’re not completely back onto the murmurations.

My garden’s very noisy. Normally, during the day the birds compete with the traffic from the dual carriageway which is, unfortunately, within earshot. The day they work out how to effectively silence the noise from roads will be amazing.

A2Z starling bath

The noise I prefer in my garden is that of the birds. From 4am when the dawn chorus pipes up to later in the day when the starlings are having their baths. It’s rare but I did hear a less happier sound this year.

A2Z Wildlife isn't always fluffy

The sparrow hawk who, last year, loved dove went for starling for supper one day earlier this year. Whilst it’s all part of nature and if I will encourage and help some then seeing their predators is also something I treasure, this was a heart rendering sound and definitely not a nice thing to watch. I tried to intervene but the sparrow hawk flew further away with it’s meal.

At the moment, with British Summer Time I can catch the Dawn chorus in full swing at 5am. I sit on my patio all wrapped up with my first cuppa tea and enjoy the sounds as they wake up all around me. It changes around 5:20 and sounds like it begins a bit louder further away. Someone else has woken up. It must be like that as dawn starts around the globe. Thats an odd thought.

A2Z woodpecker crop

A final thought on noise. Whilst I have woodpeckers visiting daily at the moment I’ve not heard their traditional drumming.

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

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12 thoughts on “Noisy (gore warning) #AtoZChallenge

  1. Bird song is the permanent background from my study window; there’s no music I prefer.
    That was probably a different Sparowhawk – the one pictured looks as though it could be a juvenile, so likely wasn’t around much last year.
    The female takes birds up to the size of wood pigeons, the male can only manage smaller birds up to thrush size, so would be a better fit for the starling.

    • My camera’s not worked well for ages, really need a new one so amazed I get any acceptable photos, thanks. It would be hilarious if I had myna birds. Do they mimic people when they’re in the wild? Remember ours mimicking all the time. I keep talking to my starlings in the hope they’ll say hello back to me one day.

      • I haven’t heard any car sounds from them yet but they can be pretty loud.

  2. We used to have a tall gum tree outside our bedroom window which had blossoms on it at a certain time fo the year. At those times we had a very noisy dawn chorus as rosellas would gather in it and enjoy breakfast. Rosellas are brightly coloured – very dramatic too look at but they don’t have a song… more a sqwark.

  3. My sparrowhawks are quiet at the moment which probably means they are sitting on eggs. Their preferred bird is woodpigeon, which suits me just fine – there is never a shortage of those around here. They have to pluck feathers from them to get them light enough to fly away with, so if you see a pile of feathers, that’s why.
    Loving the dawn chorus at present – from the first mistle thrush to the last blackbird! No drumming here, either, but I have heard the woodpecker “tchick” when he’s warning someone of danger.
    Today, Jemima on Ornithology

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