Peas #AtoZChallenge

Most of my AtoZ has been about plants on my patio and I could easily have done the whole theme on the patio but no. I’m heading down to the Vegetable plot. Mind you they’re currently in the greenhouse.

A2Z pea shoot

The spot where the peas should be planted out is currently under piles of bramble and buddleigh cuttings. The bigger the pea shoots get the less time I have to get their final resting place ready. I know, what am I doing sat here writing? Better go get busy in the garden, what a shame. 

A2Z pea plants

There’s something about picking your own peas fresh from your garden. Mind you I say that about all the vegetables I grow. It’s been a few years since my veg plot’s been functioning, I’ve been telling myself I let it have a fallow few years.

This is the year, the year for peas.

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style. 

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