Thermometer #atozchallenge

Most of the winter I’m not that interested in the temperature, other than, is the water frozen or not? Then we get to spring and, if I’ve grown some plants from seed, I want to know what the night and day temperatures have been and spend each morning checking my thermometer in the greenhouse. I love seeing what the overnight temperature was then being shocked at yesterdays day temperature particularly this year when the early April day temperature in my greenhouse nearly reached the top.

A2Z thermometer 

When there’s little chance of frost overnight I move my seedlings into the greenhouse and begin my annual ritual of checking each morning and evening to see how they’re getting on. It’s very therapeutic. I’m not sure if it feels the same if you’re a farmer and doing this with fields of seed but I don’t see why not. There’s something in humans that we like to grow things and feel great when it works. Mind you nature’s been pretty good at growing from seen without us for millennia. 

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style. 

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