Vegetables #AtoZChallenge

Last year my whole blog was about vegetables that I’d drawn. This year it’s been about my garden so vegetables appear again.

I’d always wanted an allotment, I’m not that disciplined and know I’d struggle to keep it up. Thankfully I don’t need one, my garden has it’s own vegetable beds and greenhouse to grow the plants in.

A2Z Vegetables I have grown

It’s 26 April and I would expect to have fully functioning veg beds by now. I’ve had a year or two off from growing any vegetables because the garden got a bit out of hand but I’m on top of it and thought I’d be able to show you all my hard work. Well I can, sort of. Some of these pics are of the vegetables I’ve grown here in previous years and some of my aspiring plants for this year.


There’s all the cuttings ready to go to the tip. I’ve not managed to get it there though and although we do have a brown bin collection for garden waste you have to pay for it and since I didn’t do any gardening last year I’d not paid for this years which doesn’t finish till week commencing 15 May. I would have paid for it for April but only realised after last years payments finished on 28 February. How confusing.

My garden rubbish is piling up and will keep doing so till the end of May unless I manage to get to the tip. If there wasn’t so much bramble and buddleigh seed in it I’d have tried to compost it. Oh we’ve not even talked about the demise of my wormery or my composting attempts and we’re nearly at Z. Those can wait for another year if I ever blog about the garden again.

A2Z beans growing well

This year I might have to improvise and put my veg somewhere else. It’s ready to go out but, given the chill of this week I’m glad it will be delayed. Who knows what I’ll be able to pick fresh from my garden this year. Oh the trials and tribulations of gardening..

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

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