Wilderness #atozchallenge

A2Z ladybirdMy neighbour used to tell me ‘You could disappear in there and no-one would find you.’ He was referring to my preference of a more natural garden. That’s what I like to call it. Some would say untidy, well nature prefers life that way and even if that pile of sticks is very neat the animals have a way of moving it around and making it look less neat. Not that a pile of sticks in my garden would ever look neat.

AtoZ woodpile

I have a very narrow and long garden yet manage to keep it wild enough for lots of wildlife which I love. If you’ve seen this years AtoZ blogs I’ve already included pictures of many birds, the fox and lots of the plants and trees.

A2Z wilderness wildlife Dragonfly

It’s occurred to me I’ve not shown you and may not have any pictures of my toad, the frog that occasionally visits, the hedgehog, squirrel and all the insects including some amazing dragonflies. Let me go see what pics I might have in addition to a few piles of sticks… Hope you like them, don’t get me started on how great it would be if this was a red squirrel. I only see it when the hazel nuts are plentiful.

A2Z Grey Squirrel

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

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