Xanth #atozchallenge

Xanth means yellow and as soon as I found that out I thought I’d have to move my Y post to X. Y was surely for yellow flowers, no, x is now that.

A2Z Yellow courgette flowers

We’re talking yellow flowers in my garden. There’s a few.

A2Z yellow cowslip flowers

Cow-slip, daffodil (not got any pretty pics, here’s what mine look like today).

A2Z yellow daffodil

Winter jasmine (see J), bay (I almost didn’t even notice the bay was in flower), dandelion (all gone over so here’s the wind blown version of seeds) and don’t forget…. Ahh, I’ve now remembered my Y was going to be for a specific yellow flower, I’ll leave that for tomorrow.

A2Z Dandelion

My AtoZ Blogging Challenge is all about gardening, Lynne style.

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