Yes to yellow celandines #atozchallenge

I think all celandines are yellow so I’m sort of cheating calling them yellow celandines though their flowers are yellow and when I wrote this it hadn’t occurred to me to do Xanth for x. It could be yes to no mowing.. Celandines have a tendency to take over.. and, this year, I’m very glad they have. I’ve realised this picture is when the flowers hadn’t opened for the day, drat, I don’t think I took another one when the flowers were actually open, too busy enjoying them to get the camera probably. They looked stunning.

A2Z yellow celandine

I have no lawn any more. I did ten years ago but as the hedge grew into a row of small trees and shaded out the lawn so the grass gave up for other more woodland plants. There must always have been a few celandines but now most of the *cough* lawn is full of them, apparently they have a tendency to take over. I’d rather them than the other plant which tried to take over and I have a constant battle with.

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