Reflections #AtoZchallenge

Another year over and

Before I reflect

Can I thank all the co-hosts and Arlee again

Demonstrating my lack of poetic skill

Everyone of you who visited I thank you too, still

AtoZ water reflections

Forever amusing, enlightening and fun

Great posts, all who entered well done

H was where I started posting this year

It involved catching up

Just get on with it my dear


Knowledgeable as I was with five years under my belt

Lingering, laughing, I loved how it felt

Mornings became familiar

Nosing around

Only delayed by

Proving I’m sound


Quality, quirky,

Royally rousing

Something was up

There’s no helpers wow-wowzing


Unusual year and

Variety in numbers

With oodles of creativity

X made it our own

You had it, no moan

Z brought sadness as we completed this fulfilling activity

I know, don’t give up the day job.. and my AtoZ’s are never likely to be poetic. Not having a list meant I had no commitment to do it at the beginning then, a week in, I realised I was missing it and jumped in full on. Once caught up this year then felt more relaxed, smaller, less pressure to visit so many all the time. I was able to concentrate on those who visited me and some others I found. It might have put less pressure on myself by not also sketching every image. That will change next year.

If you fancy catching up with my 2017 AtoZ blogging challenge, here’s the full list:

Apples; Blackcurrants; Cherry tree; Doves; Echinacea or Elder; Fox; Greenhouse; Hazel; Ivy; Jasmine; Kitchen garden; Leylandii or light; Mornings leading to Murmurations; Noisy (gore warning); Ox-eye daisies; Peas; Quaint; Redcurrants and robins; Such serious S’s to choose from; Thermometer; Updates; Vegetables; Wilderness; Xanth; Yes to yellow celandines; Zen or Zany

ps.. believe it or not but that picture was taken during April and is the reflection of my cherry tree with blossom in one of the bird bath water troughs. Next year I’ll put a ripple on the water before I take the picture.